Welcome to the San Luis Obispo City Employees’ Association (SLOCEA) Website–we work for you!
The members of SLOCEA are proud to be an integral part of a City team, providing services to the beautiful community of San Luis Obispo.  SLOCEA is part of a proud tradition of service, commitment, pride and integrity. SLOCEA Members work in Planning, Engineering, Street Maintenance, Transportation, Tree Maintenance, Water Distribution and other Divisions within the City. Public safety begins here 24/7! 
Federal and independent statistics have shown public safety begins with proper design, effective engineering, installation and maintenance of everything from streets to water distribution.  Roads that are maintained appropriately, significantly reduce the risk of traffic accidents and fatalities throughout a community.  This factor is significantly magnified by effective and well planned traffic control, followed by engineered lighting, appropriate tree maintenance and regulated and controlled traffic flow within a community. This is what SLOCEA is all about– we work for you!
The members of SLOCEA take the obligation of public safety very seriously and strive to do our best to achieve a safer and more secure community we are so fortunate to work in.
SLOCEA General Membership meetings are held in March, June, September and December at the City Cortporation Yard at 25 Prado Road, San Luis Obispo.


  1. Wow! This is a great site! How can I learn more about SLOCEA?

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